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    Ashton Village Apartments Opens Care Closet

    Ashton Village, a Fairway Management family community located in Pevely, Missouri, recently celebrated the grand opening of the Care Closet. This new program was created to help residents who may find themselves struggling to afford food, hygiene products or cleaning supplies. Residents can visit the closet to pick up basic necessities completely free of charge at any time of day, making these products much more accessible. As you can see, the closet is fully stocked with anything and everything the residents might need!

    In January of 2022, Ashton Village conducted a survey to determine what items the residents wanted to see in the Care Closet. This survey was of particular importance because non-food products are unavailable through food stamp programs and are scarcely found in food pantries. Based on the results, residents were especially in need of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, so Ashton Village made it a point to include these items in the closet.

    After outreach to the surrounding community in Pevely, Missouri, the Care Closet received many donations from Gracelife Chapel Church, Save-A-Lot and various individual donors. Without their generous gifts and efforts, this project would not be the resounding success that it is today. Since its launch on May 16, the closet has already helped several families meet their basic needs.

    We are so proud of Ashton Village for taking initiative to help residents, and we cannot wait to see how the Care Closet will continue to serve the community in the future!

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    Voices of Bedford: Finding a Community

    At The Village of Bedford Walk, we work to provide a vibrant community where independent seniors can grow, learn and live life their way. We recently asked many of our residents and family members what their favorite parts about our community are, and we created a video series based on their answers!

    Meet Katie, our first family member in our Voices of Bedford video series. Katie’s mother Beth has lived at The Village of Bedford Walk for a few years now. She moved to The Village of Bedford Walk in order to be closer to her children and to find a community of friends. Beth and her family have been overjoyed with the close-knit group of people who have turned into family during her time at The Village of Bedford Walk.

    Watch Katie’s full testimonial below, and click here to check out other testimonials in our Voices of Bedford series!

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    At-Home Seated Workout for Seniors

    Low impact workouts are a great way to keep your body in shape and improve bone strength, which are both important as you age. During these times of increased social distancing, it can be hard to find an open gym. Instead of going to the gym, try this 15-minute workout from SilverSneakers each day to increase the strength in your lower body. This workout relies on maintaining tension rather than weights to improve your strength.

    Equipment Needed:

    • Straight-backed chair
    • Soft ball (one you can squeeze)

    Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, and then rest as long as needed. Repeat as many times as you are able. Click here to watch a video demonstration.

    Exercise 1 – Seated Hamstring Curl

    Sit in a straight-backed chair and place the ball behind your right heel. Using your heel, press the ball to the chair leg and then release. Repeat these small pulses for 30 seconds before switching to the left heel.

    Exercise 2 – Hip Adduction

    Sit in the chair and put the ball between your thighs. Do not put it in between your knees as this may put pressure on the joint. Squeeze your thighs closer around the ball and then release. Repeat for 30 seconds and then rest.

    Exercise 3 – Gluteal Press

    While seated, put the ball on the ground in front of you. Place your right heel on top of the ball and press down through the heel. Release back up and repeat for 30 seconds before switching to the left heel.

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    SilverSneakers: Fitness Designed for Older Adults

    Gyms and health clubs can be very intimidating for many people, including older adults. These days, it might seem like every gym goer looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jane Fonda, but it is important to stay active just the same.

    Consistent physical activity helps keep your body healthy as you age and can support your heart, brain, bone, muscle and joint health. Safe exercise will help with chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis. Beyond that, healthy people are more likely to socialize which is an important factor to healthy aging.

    Not everywhere caters to older adults, but if you do a little research, you can find health and fitness programs designed for adults 65+, such as SilverSneakers. This program is included at no extra cost for many Medicare Plans, so you may already qualify. You can check your eligibility here.

    SilverSneakers provides:

    • Access to on-demand video workouts that can be done anytime from your own home
    • Workout plans designed to be completed at your own pace at the local gym
    • In-person classes taught by a local fitness instructor

    One of the best benefits of SilverSneakers is a basic membership at any participating local gym in their network. You are not limited to just one, but rather can go to any location.

    The exercise classes offered vary from gym to gym, but all are taught by instructors specifically trained in senior fitness. Typical classes you can find at your local gym include:

    • Cardio and strength classes (many will offer a chair for support)
    • Water aerobics classes
    • Chair and standing yoga

    You can access a variety of instructional videos online, including:

    • Cardio
    • Strength training
    • Fall prevention
    • SilverSneaker EnerShi (tai chi)

    Interested in trying them out? This article will take you through a quick strength and cardio circuit that you can do right at home!

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    Voices of Bedford: Caring Team Members

    At The Village of Bedford Walk, we work to provide a vibrant community where independent seniors can grow, learn and live life their way. We recently asked many of our residents what their favorite parts about living in our community are, and we created a video series based on their answers!

    Meet Les, our second resident in our Voices of Bedford video series. Les has lived at The Village of Bedford Walk for over three years now, and he has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. Not only does he believe the community is special because of the residents’ youthful energy, but he also values having a team of staff members who truly care about their residents.

    Watch Les’ full testimonial below, and click here to check out the first testimonial in the series!

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    Senior’s Guide to COVID-19

    People across the world are adjusting to life in the wake of COVID-19. Many find that having an excess of news and information only increases anxiety. This guide outlines some helpful facts and activities for seniors in the Columbia, Missouri area.

    Health Information

    According to the CDC’s website, older adults and people who have underlying medical conditions may be at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Symptoms of the virus can include fever, cough and shortness of breath. If you experience trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure to the chest, confusion or bluish lips or face, seek medical attention.

    Staying home, washing your hands, avoiding close contact with others (6 feet) and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces are a few ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

    At Home Activities

    While you may find yourself spending more time at home this spring, there are still a variety of ways to keep your mind and body in shape!

    Maintain a Schedule
    Maintaining a schedule is a great way to get started for a productive day! Simple daily activities like making your bed, showering, brushing your hair and getting dressed for the day will help you retain normalcy. Organizing yourself at the start of the day ensures you start off on the right foot!

    Learn an Online Game is an excellent resource with a variety of free card games. Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Pinochle and Hearts are just a few of the many games you can keep yourself entertained with in the comfort of your home.

    Practice Yoga
    Yoga is a great way to exercise the mind and the body. Many yoga studios are offering free, online classes! A daily yoga class keeps you active at home.

    Grocery Store Delivery Services

    Grocery delivery is a great option for seniors who are staying indoors. Instacart is a website that offers grocery delivery from a variety of different Columbia grocery stores. Groceries can be delivered to your door in one hour, with no contact required. Along with Instacart, Walmart Pickup is a service offered at the Walmart in Broadway Market Place. Concierge services at The Village of Bedford Walk is available to help residents order groceries and arrange pick-up orders through our transportation attendant.

    Senior Hours

    Along with grocery delivery, Columbia grocery stores are offering special hours designated for senior shopping. Below is a list of grocery stores offering these services.

    Walmart: On Tuesdays, Walmart will be open one hour early for customers age 60 and older.

    Aldi: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Aldi’s first hour open will be reserved for seniors.

    Hy-Vee: Hy-Vee will be reserved for seniors 60 and older from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily.

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    Voices of Bedford: Endless Activities and Options

    At The Village of Bedford Walk, we work to provide a vibrant community where independent seniors can grow, learn and live life their way. We recently asked many of our residents what their favorite parts about living in our community are, and we created a video series based on their answers!

    Meet Pat, our first resident in our Voices of Bedford video series. Pat is a current resident who watched The Village of Bedford Walk being built from the ground up. Her favorite parts about living at The Village of Bedford Walk include all of the community’s activities, the friendly staff, apartment options and the hot tub!

    Watch Pat’s full testimonial below:

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    Winter Safety for Seniors

    When the seasons change, the temperature can take a turn for the worse. New obstacles arise that challenge every day life. These precautions from Health in Aging will help you stay safe this winter.

    Dress Accordingly

    Layering up is a great way to stay warm. Dressing in layers will protect you from severe wind chill and temperatures that can cause hypothermia. By combining two to three layers of thinner clothing, we are able to protect our bodies from illness.

    Protect Yourself Against Falls

    Slippery conditions are a given during winter. Low temperatures create snow, black ice and icicles. Being attentive is crucial during winter months. Checking your walkways and steps for ice or any water can prevent a dangerous fall.

    Over Exhaustion   

    Snow shoveling can be one of the most daunting tasks of winter. The colder it is, the harder your heart is working to keep your body warm. Shoveling snow can put a dangerous strain on your body if you are not careful. Asking your doctor at your checkup is a smart idea to see if shoveling is safe for you.

    Preparing yourself for the winter season is very important, but these simple steps can help protect you from the hazards the season brings.

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