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Local Artists featured at The Village of Bedford Walk’s Weekly Social Hour

On Friday, September 21, residents from The Village of Bedford Walk gathered in the Piano Lounge for their Friday Night Lights social hour sporting their black and gold for Mizzou. On display in the lounge, were several art pieces from Tigers on the Prowl, an organization that partners artists with sponsors to raise money for local charities.  One of the artists, Kaye Gray-Manolov, was even in attendance at the event.

After Tigers on the Prowl partners artists with sponsors, they raise money for local charities by auctioning off the decorated tiger statues at an annual dinner. This year, the program accepted tiger-themed artwork in different mediums, and two of these pieces were featured at Friday Night Lights.

One of the featured pieces was a wooden tiger head carved by chainsaw from artist, Cheryl Campbell. The other featured piece was a white tiger face created by Kaye Gray-Manolov using recycled materials like dog fur, paint chips, white feathers, rocks and even a petrified banana peel. The residents seemed most impressed by the banana peel and were excited to find out where it was used in the artwork. Kaye answered all of our questions and the residents thanked her with a round of applause.

The Village of Bedford Walk residents and staff loved having the chance to speak with a local artist and feature her artwork!

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The Village of Bedford Walk Sets Sail on Annual Cruise Ship Week

Continuing the annual tradition, The Village of Bedford Walk residents spent a week on a “cruise” through different locations across the world. This year’s Cruise Ship Week ran from July 16 to July 20. Each day of the week was based on a different cruise destination, including Jamaica, Japan, Iceland, London and Milan.

There were many themed activities, events and foods each day to coincide with the day’s destination. Some of the favorite events included yoga on the “beach,” sand art, a Set Sail Party, napkin folding, themed movie nights, knitting lessons, Botanical Gardens trip, afternoon tea, meditation and a Captain’s Dinner.

The residents were so happy that they were able to participate in another Cruise Ship Week!

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The Village of Bedford Walk Two Year Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, June 9, The Village of Bedford Walk staff and residents gathered to celebrate the community’s two year anniversary.

Residents dressed in their cowboy boots and hats for the western-themed party. The community was also decorated to fit the theme, including outlaw posters of the residents, a resident-made Bedford Saloon booth, country music and more.

We cannot believe that The Village of Bedford Walk has already been open for two years! Our amazing residents and staff have helped create a beautiful and enriching community.

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