Workout Tips for the Fitness Center

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February Heart Health Month has ended, but that is no reason to stop thinking about health and wellness. For adults over age 55, regular exercise can help you stay active, independent and healthy. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity five days per week to improve heart health, and muscle and strength training can be highly beneficial as well.

Below are a few exercises and workout tips that anyone can put to use to improve their heart health and overall fitness. The Wellness and Fitness Center at The Village of Bedford Walk is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, and is a great place for residents to try these tips out!

Heart-Healthy Exercises:

1. Walking or Jogging: Walking or jogging is a great way to get those 30 minutes of aerobic activity into your workout. Test out different paces and inclines on the treadmills in the Fitness Center to find out what works for you, and in the warmer months, head outside to the walking trails in the courtyard to get fresh air and a cardio workout!

2. Stretching: Stretching can increase the range of motion in your joints, alleviate pain and help you achieve better balance. By gently stretching before warming up, you can prepare your body for the exercises that you will do during the rest of your workout. The Village of Bedford Walk has a stretching table that residents can use to stretch with support. The Activities Coordinator or Wellness Nurse can also assist with different stretches and techniques.

3. Strength Training: Maintaining muscle function is extremely important for aging adults who wish to remain active and independent. When we do not use our muscles regularly, they weaken and we start to lose the use of them. Strength training—like weight lifting and resistance training—can help a great deal. The Village of Bedford Walk Fitness Center has dumbbells and resistance bands for resident use, and residents can learn some of the best ways to use them by attending fitness classes or visiting open gym with the Activities Coordinator.

A good way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to find out what inspires you. Maybe you enjoy listening to music and walking on the treadmill, maybe you like to work out with friends for company and accountability, or maybe group exercise in a fitness class is more fun for you. Try out different methods of exercising and find out what feels good to you—it is a lot easier to be motivated when you enjoy what you are doing!

The Village of Bedford Walk offers fitness classes, water aerobics, and a full fitness center featuring an assortment of fitness equipment. The Wellness Nurse at The Village of Bedford Walk is a helpful resource; they can help you create exercise plans that are right for you. As always, check with your doctor before pursuing any new fitness plan or workout regime.

The Village of Bedford Walk wishes you heart health wellness that extends beyond just one month!

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