Words of Gratitude from a Graduating Intern

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Interns Matt Bergjans, Nicki Murff and Nick Swoboda pose with their baby pictures at the graduation party.

My name is Nicki Murff, and I have worked as a concierge and leasing intern at The Village of Bedford Walk since January of 2016. During these 15 months, I watched what was once a young community consisting of a handful of residents blossom into the vibrant, thriving community that it is today.

I work with two other interns at The Village of Bedford Walk, Matt Bergjans and Nick Swoboda, and all three of us are currently seniors at The University of Missouri. Recently, The Village of Bedford Walk residents in the Activities Club threw us a graduation party. They decorated the Piano Lounge with balloons and our baby pictures, ordered us custom made cookies and had Room 38 cater appetizers and drinks. Then, they toasted us and presented beautiful handmade graduation cards. They expressed their gratitude for all that we have done for them over the months, but I think that Matt, Nick and I felt more thankful than anyone else in the room.

I remember walking around the beautiful multi-story apartment building while it was being constructed, memorizing its corridors and getting sawdust on my shoes. Now, I walk those same corridors every week, although now they are coated in soft carpet instead of sawdust. The empty apartments I used to pass are now the happy homes of so many special individuals. My affection for this building and this community has only grown as new residents have joined us, bringing their own unique styles and personalities to our group. As I told the residents during the party, I am so honored to know each one of them, and have been encouraged over and over again by their kindness, mentorship and friendship.

As I graduate college and move into a different phase of life, I will take with me the memories and wisdom given to me by the wonderful residents of The Village of Bedford Walk–so, with all of my heart, thank you!

The interns read the handmade cards the residents at The Village of Bedford Walk made for them.
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