Time to Savor

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Time is everything. We each have a set amount of time in this life and those who are fortunate enough to experience the full breadth of life can fully appreciate this essence of time. The average human will have about 29,000 days to entirely enjoy the gifts of life. (USA Today Article, April 1, 2015) .
During our lives, we are taught how to be functioning members of society and then thrown in the real world and left to figure it all out! We work hard, and have many successes and failures. We have goals and dreams that we continuously strive for. Real life things can get in the way and sometimes drag us down.
According to the same USA Today article, we spend about 22,000 of these 29,000 days working, and raising our families and taking care of others. Finally, we have the chance to retire if you have been frugal with your finances.
The last thing we wish to do in our retirement is to take on more work! We want to spend our hard-earned freedom doing the finer things in life like traveling, reading, relaxing, spending time with family and enjoying the precious minutes that continuously tick by. We want to explore this amazing earth and experience all that it has to offer while blocking out the mundane. We have ‘been there and done that’ and now is our time to relish and let someone else do all the hard work!

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