Tigers Together

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Every now and again someone comes up with a great way to raise awareness and money in a community. In Columbia, this innovative idea is called, Tigers on the Prowl. Tonight at the 2015 Tiger Auction we, at The Village of Bedford Walk, are hosting a table and we are proud to be a part of this event hosted by Kim and Melissa Anderson. The event described as, “Tigers On The Prowl has quickly become one of the most successful and engaging community fundraiser in the Mid-Mo Area. With the help of all our previous sponsors, artists, and charities we have been able to take the steps necessary to make this year’s auction the most memorable yet.

In total there are ten tigers that represent a charity and a sponsor that are paired with a artist. These tigers are uniquely illustrated and paraded around town. This amazing event began with an unleashing at the Columbia Mall and moving on to The Arcade, the Holiday Inn for the Artist Showcase, ten different restaurants, Lucky’s Market, The Broadway Hotel, The Longboat Brewing Company, and the finale at the auction on October 2nd at 6:00 p.m. with live music, drinks and appetizers.

How can we become a part of the greater good? How can we give back to those that need us? How do we support the community that we belong to? Supporting Tigers on the Prowl is an excellent way to begin! Even if you cannot make the event you can hop on-line and vote for your favorite tiger/artist as well as with dollars to help your favorite charity.

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