Summer Safety for Seniors

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As the summer heat increases, don’t forget about your health! lists several safety tips for seniors to remember in the summers.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration than younger people because they lose their ability to conserve water as they age and can become less aware of their thirst. Remember to drink water often, especially if you go on trips or spend time outside.
  2. Talk to Your Doctor: Check with your medical team to make sure any medications you are on will not be affected by higher temperatures. Some medications are less effective if stored at temperatures higher than room temperature (approximately 78 degrees Fahrenheit), and the last thing anyone wants is for a preventable medical condition to become aggravated due to high temperatures.
  3. Stay in Touch: Communication plays an important role in ensuring safety for seniors. Make sure you let friends, family or caregivers know if you plan to spend an extended period outdoors.
  4. Protect Your Eyes: Vision loss can be common for seniors, and too much exposure to the sun can irritate eyes and cause further damage. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and preserve your vision.
  5. Know the Risks of Hyperthermia: During the summer, be particularly cautious about abnormally high body temperatures – a condition known as hyperthermia. Heat stroke is an advanced form of hyperthermia and can be life-threatening. Make sure to know the warning signs and get medical attention immediately if you or anyone you know is experiencing these symptoms:
    • Body temperature greater than 104 degrees
    • A change in behavior, such as acting confused, agitated or grouchy
    • Dry, flushed skin
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Headache
    • Heavy breathing or a rapid pulse
    • Not sweating, even if it is hot out
    • Fainting

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