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In a life, there are only a few days that we remember as clearly as if it were today. These are the days where the sun shines, the river flows, the music plays, the breeze blows slow and cool and you are  in the company of someone  inviting. These select moments etch their way into our memory and remain forever. One lifetime may only have one of these, but if you are lucky, you might have more. The only way to hold on to it is to remember it; the smell, the feel, the laughter and the sultry heat of the moments that were fleeting.

A wise man once said to me that that, “Life has slices of happiness” and this made more sense than anything I had heard in a long time. Happiness does not come in waves, but rather in small gifts. We have to create it, we call it to us through our energy and need. But here is the hardest part, we have to be open to it. When it shows up on our door, knocking, we must answer. If we turn away and dismiss the chance, then the opportunity is gone. And we never know what could have been.

On this hot July day, I encourage all of you to leave your home, move out in the world and find an interesting activity. Take up a hobby you have always desired or seek out someone you don’t know, and talk to them. Have a glass of tea with a stranger or call on old friend for lunch. Adventure is good for the soul and you get to define where that leads you. We are never too old to try something new. Borrowed time with a few slices of happiness is all any of us really have. George Tipton said, “Success is never final and failure never fatal- its courage that counts.” Be courageous today.

Image courtesy of Ashley Steiner

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