Sixty is the New Forty Part 3- What’s Next?

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What’s next? Blog 3 of 3

We are living longer than ever which is fantastic. We have talked about how people, thanks to medical advances and knowledge, can live long healthy lives. ‘Middle age’ is no longer considered 40 years old. With proper diet, medicines and healthy activity, life expectancy can continue to increase.

People have never lived this long before and we will have to start making some adjustments. We have been focusing on the young and now it is time to begin catering to the older population, especially with the largest generation beginning to retire and move into seniority.

So what’s needed next? Things that will improve the quality of the long life we’ve achieved:

  • Finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.
  • Finding a cure for cancer.
  • Finding a cure for osteoporosis.
  • Motivating people to change their lifestyle to prevent chronic disease.
  • Encouraging a healthy, engaged over-65 population.

Obviously, this is not anything we do not know or do not already wish for. We just need to start pushing science, technology, businesses, and the government – to get working on it faster.

After all, we are not getting any younger.

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