Shopping Bliss

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

It is hard to believe, but I actually have started my holiday shopping. Usually, I put off this dreaded task for after Thanksgiving. However, this year, thanks to The Village of Bedford Walk Holiday Festival this was not the case. I found lovely little treats for my dog Duke at the booth by Lizzi & Roccos.  This natural pet market is the pride of Columbia and all it’s fury friends. They are locally owned and operated with two locations. Duke will be the most stylish in his new wares and enjoy some delicious doggie delicacies.

Next I found my way over to the McAdams Ltd booth and found a lovely gift for my birthday, anniversary and Christmas.  It is safe to say, my husband will be delighted he won’t have to go shopping for any of those occasion!

Peggy Jean’s Pies had a sellout success! I managed to shove my way past the crowd and purchase a lovely blackberry pie and strawberry rhubarb.  At the end of the day, they placed the few remaining pies on sale. There was a virtual stampede to their booth.

The other items I purchased I cannot reveal, due to the top secret nature of the gift giving season. However, many in my family benefited from this Holiday Festival including my mother and children.  The only person left on my list now is my poor brothers.  But then, what are brothers for, If not to be skimmed over in a holiday festival?  Hope all of you had as much fun shopping as I did!

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