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Some people are passionate about love, others about the perfect shade of lipstick. For some the road to discovering a passion is a long and bumpy one. There is no tried and true recipe for finding one’s passion. The real secret sauce lies in the “finding” part of this and not so much in the destination. It is, indeed, a journey and sometimes it can be a lengthy one.

Studies from Psychology Today  show there is a connection between strengths, passion and well-being.  This research suggests that when we play to our strengths we reap the benefits of greater happiness. This feeling of happiness and work satisfaction promotes a feeling of engagement and purpose. And “purpose equals passion”.

Trent Hamm writes in the Simple Dollar that there are seven ways to find our passion:

  1. Maximize your health
  2. Ask questions
  3. Ignore what’s cool
  4. Dabble in everything
  5. When something interest you, try it again
  6. Associate with like-minded people
  7. Don’t keep pushing it if the passion dries up quickly
  8. You will know when you have found it

Over and over in life, things catch our interest, but passion catches your heart and stays there forever. The amazing and devoted members of True North in Columbia, MO are hosting an event they are proud and passionate about. It takes place on Thursday evening, October 8, at the Country Club of Missouri. Tickets are only $10.00 and all proceeds go to the worthwhile cause of abused women and children. This event is titled Purses and Passions. At  The  Village of Bedford Walk we are proud and passionate about supporting this great event. Join us?

Photo courtesy of True North

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