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Voices of Bedford: Endless Activities and Options

At The Village of Bedford Walk, we work to provide a vibrant community where independent seniors can grow, learn and live life their way. We recently asked many of our residents what their favorite parts about living in our community are, and we created a video series based on their answers!

Meet Pat, our first resident in our Voices of Bedford video series. Pat is a current resident who watched The Village of Bedford Walk being built from the ground up. Her favorite parts about living at The Village of Bedford Walk include all of the community’s activities, the friendly staff, apartment options and the hot tub!

Watch Pat’s full testimonial below:

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Winter Safety for Seniors

When the seasons change, the temperature can take a turn for the worse. New obstacles arise that challenge every day life. These precautions from Health in Aging will help you stay safe this winter.

Dress Accordingly

Layering up is a great way to stay warm. Dressing in layers will protect you from severe wind chill and temperatures that can cause hypothermia. By combining two to three layers of thinner clothing, we are able to protect our bodies from illness.

Protect Yourself Against Falls

Slippery conditions are a given during winter. Low temperatures create snow, black ice and icicles. Being attentive is crucial during winter months. Checking your walkways and steps for ice or any water can prevent a dangerous fall.

Over Exhaustion   

Snow shoveling can be one of the most daunting tasks of winter. The colder it is, the harder your heart is working to keep your body warm. Shoveling snow can put a dangerous strain on your body if you are not careful. Asking your doctor at your checkup is a smart idea to see if shoveling is safe for you.

Preparing yourself for the winter season is very important, but these simple steps can help protect you from the hazards the season brings.

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Fall Activities for Seniors

With the end of the summer, fall brings about many refreshing changes. From enjoying the cool weather and changing leaves to eating fall foods, there are many fun ways to celebrate the new season. See below for a list of six festive fall activities for seniors from Daily Caring!

Enjoy Fall-themed Coloring Pages: Coloring is a stress-relieving activity that everyone can enjoy. There are endless options of free, fall-themed coloring pages available online, including scenic landscapes or Halloween designs.

Make Seasonal Decorations: Making and putting up decorations is a fun way to mark the change of the seasons. You could even hang up your coloring pages or create a fall leaf garland.

Put Together a Fall-themed Jigsaw Puzzle: Either challenge yourself to a puzzle or gather with a group of friends to put together a festive puzzle! There are many options of fall puzzles at stores and online, and Birds of a Feather even has puzzles designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Prepare Festive Homemade Treats: Baking, mixing and assembly are fun activities that many older adults will enjoy. Some delicious fall treats include no bake pumpkin cheesecake, glazed pumpkin sugar cookies and baked apple roses.

Prepare for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters: If you are planning on handing out candy to children in the neighborhood or family members, take your goody bags up a notch this year by adding coloring sheets or by creating pumpkin pouch bags.

Enjoy the Outdoors: Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy nature. Bundle up and breathe the fresh air, admire the beautiful colors on display and hear the crunch of fallen leaves as you walk.

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The Village of Bedford Walk Embarks on 2019 Cruise Ship Week

Continuing the annual tradition, The Village of Bedford Walk residents recently spent a week on a “cruise” through different locations across the world for their annual Cruise Ship Week. Each day of the week was based off a different cruise destination including Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Italy and Alaska.

There were multiple themed activities and events each day to coincide with the day’s destination. Some of the week’s events included a kickoff “set sail” party, a tour of Chinese art galleries at the St. Louis Art museum, Brazilian mask making, wine glass art, guided meditation classes and a “captain’s cocktails” event.

Both The Village of Bedford Walk residents and team members had a great time throughout the annual 2019 Cruise Ship Week!

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Chef-Prepared Meals: A Peek into The Village of Bedford Walk’s Meal Program

The Village of Bedford Walk, a JES | Prime Senior Living community, works to provide residents with a luxurious, concierge lifestyle to encourage residents to grow, learn and live life their way. One of the amenities that helps to provide this lifestyle includes the team of personal chefs from Peachtree Catering who work at The Village of Bedford Walk.

Recently, The Village of Bedford Walk staff members sat down with Benjamin Hamrah, general manager of Peachtree Catering, to get some more insight into the meals his chefs prepare for our residents. See below for Ben’s answers to all of our questions!

Where does Peachtree Catering’s food come from?

One of our core values is to keep as much of our business in the community as possible. We buy a very large portion of our produce and meats from farmers within 50 miles of Columbia and are working to increase our local ingredients every day. We believe that this not only gives our clients a higher quality product but helps to build our community and the families that live and work in it.

How do you decide what meals to serve? Do you plan them specifically for seniors?

We are incredibly lucky to have Rocky Galloway as our head chef for The Village of Bedford
Walk. Rocky and his wife Cheryl work together to coordinate Bedford Walker meals, using their years of food service experience to plan the menus based on a combination of seasonality and resident requests. While we always keep the age range and dietary needs of our residents in mind, we also design the menus around the diverse background that all the residents bring to the community. The fact that Bedford Walk is a JES |Prime Senior Living community means that the residents have a certain standard and expectation that we strive to bring to them each day.

What is your favorite thing about working with The Village of Bedford Walk?

While it may sound cliché, it is absolutely the residents. Before Bedford Walk, I had no experience with independent senior living communities, and by far the best experience has been witnessing how much fun they have every day. Just this Memorial Day, while I was grilling out on the patio for lunch, I got to laugh and “participate” in morning yoga with a huge group of residents! While my participation may have been purely in spirit, it was very cool to witness. I’ve built Gingerbread Houses, shared recipes, learned new games, been destroyed in card games and developed some truly valuable relationships with so many of the residents. We’ve laughed, cried, joked and danced together on many occasions. To top it all, I have several employees that have moved on to new chapters of their lives but continue to keep in contact with the residents. It really is a family at Bedford Walk.

Do you take resident meal requests and comments into consideration when planning the menu?

EVERY CHANCE WE GET! Our favorite thing is getting new/old recipes from the residents. I have a book of recipes that we’ve kept during our time at Bedford Walk, all collected from different residents and we love it! We also LOVE requests. Our primary goal is to make the residents happy, and we believe the best way to do that is to make sure that we are giving them exactly what they want. My favorite part of our resident meetings is having them all volunteer meal ideas that they’d like to see us prepare.

Tell us more about Peachtree Catering.

Peachtree was started by my father, owner and mentor, Ali Hamrah, in 1996. We first opened as an event space for wedding receptions but quickly realized that Columbia had a need for event spaces in all fashions and capacities daily. We were founded with the principal of giving our community a quality product at an affordable price. We began as a small business, giving our customers only one or two people to work with from start to finish. We believe that the personal service they received throughout the event process gave them the experience that they wanted and deserved. Throughout our 24 years of operation, we’ve never changed that, and we truly believe it is why we have been able to be so successful. We don’t have a “sales” or “marketing” team, and we don’t have a brigade of “banquet managers.” This gives us the opportunity to build genuine relationships with our clients, and even more importantly ensures that the message they conveyed to us on the first day they walked in is carried out on their most important of days. Peachtree is not a place, it’s a family, and that will never change.

How do you handle residents’ food allergies and dietary restrictions?

One of the great things about Bedford Walk is that the staff is dedicated to their residents’ satisfaction. Because of this, they set up personal and individual meetings with any residents with food allergies or dietary restrictions. I sit down with the resident(s) and Laura, the community manager and all-around boss lady, and have a discussion about their needs/wants/doctor’s orders and how we can meet them. We don’t like to make a big public display about them, and most residents don’t either, so Rocky and Cheryl make sure to take care of each resident specifically. Another great thing about Bedford Walk is their ever-growing resident profiles. We all work together to keep a profile for each resident, noting likes/dislikes and any dietary restrictions they may have so that we are always striving for that end of the day satisfaction.

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The Village of Bedford Walk Celebrates Third Anniversary

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, The Village of Bedford Walk, a JES | Prime luxury independent senior living community located in Columbia, Missouri, held an ice cream social for residents, friends and families to celebrate the community’s three-year anniversary. From beautiful weather to yards games and ice cream stations, the residents had all of the essentials for the perfect ice cream social!

We are so thankful to everyone who came out to help us celebrate and to all of the team members, residents and families who have helped create our engaged and family-like community.

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Summer Wellness Tips for Seniors

With the changing of the season, comes a change of lifestyle. Below are some tips to have a safe summer from


With the summer sun getting stronger, hydration is key. Doctors recommend drinking six to eight cups of water a day during the summer. If you are planning on spending time in the sun, make sure to remember a water bottle. Drinks like soda, energy drinks or juice will not hydrate you as much as water will.

Wear Sunscreen

If you are going outside, make sure to pack sunscreen with you. The sun is much stronger in the summer, and may burn you faster than during the winter months. Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure you are protecting your skin from the powerful UV rays. Carrying sunscreen with you will prevent painful sunburn.

Check the Weather Before You Leave

This summer, be sure to check the weather before you leave home. By checking the weather, you are able to prepare for the day ahead. Being stranded without extra water and food, sunscreen or weather gear can be dangerous.

Following these tips will help keep your summer fun and safe!

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