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Providence Bank Hosts Residents for a Mizzou Women’s Basketball Game

On Friday, November 16, Providence Bank graciously offered The Village of Bedford Walk residents and team members a night in their suite at Mizzou Arena for a women’s basketball game.

Our community shuttle drove residents to the arena, where the suite was stocked with snacks and beverages. We filled our plates high with chicken, hotdogs, chips and dip, cookies, popcorn and veggies. Although the Tigers lost in the end, it was a close game, and we all had a great time cheering and dancing along with the crowd. Everyone agreed this was the best way to enjoy a game – what is better than door-to-door transportation, a suite ready with delicious food and watching a game with friends?

Thank you to Providence Bank and our host, Craig!

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The Village of Bedford Walk Celebrates Halloween

Residents at The Village of Bedford Walk celebrated Halloween with a Monster Mash party, complete with food, costumes and entertainment. Some residents wore festive sweaters or headbands and others went all out, donning capes and face paint. Room 38 provided the food, which included veggies in the shape of a skeleton and a spider web seven-layer dip.

Residents filled their time with dancing, chatting and eating before starting a game. Our Activities Assistant put her artistic skills to use and turned a cardboard box into a green monster with an open mouth. Residents had four tries to toss golf balls into the monster’s mouth. Only one resident made three in a row and received a bottle of wine as his prize.

The Monster Mash was a huge hit, and we enjoyed seeing our residents having fun with their friends. We hope you had a great Halloween!

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November Events at The Village of Bedford Walk

At The Village of Bedford Walk, one of our main goals is help to empower independent seniors to live their most active, fun-filled and vibrant lifestyle! See the monthly calendar below for our November events or click here to download the November calendar. Highlights this month include:

To learn more about individual events, click here or contact our Concierge Team at 573.303.7252.

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The Village of Bedford Walk Reminisces for Mizzou’s Homecoming

To celebrate Homecoming at the University of Missouri, we asked around at The Village of Bedford Walk to find residents who attended Mizzou. While many of our residents root for Mizzou, only a few of them actually attended the school. We talked to three of them to find out what they liked about their time at Mizzou. See their responses below!


Jerry G.

What did you study? I started out in engineering but ended up in arts and sciences studying mathematics with a minor in German. I was also part of ROTC, where I earned my Air Force Commission.

What was your favorite part of attending MU? The football games!


Tommye S.

What did you study? I got my master’s in education.

What was your favorite part of attending MU? I loved the energy of the campus and being around the ‘young people.’ That is the best thing about Columbia – the energy and the young people. Now I love the Reynolds Alumni Center; I have been to several great functions there. I am in the Mizzou Alumni Association, and I enjoy keeping up with what is going on. I love the football games and women’s basketball.

Do you have any memories of Homecoming? I remember going to Homecoming when Bob Hope was there. I loved seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales and the floats on the track around the football field.


Donna H.

What did you study? I studied elementary education first, and then I came back to Mizzou and received my master’s in library science in the ‘90s. All three of my children also graduated from Mizzou.

What was your favorite part about attending MU? I liked the town. There was a lot to do even back then – so many opportunities and things going on around town.


We are happy that these residents stayed in town or returned to their college town to retire. Check out these reasons why you should retire in a college town, and go Tigers!

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Nine Workouts for Seniors Outside of the Gym

The Village of Bedford Walk has a fantastic fitness center complete with treadmills, free weights and more, but we know going to the gym is not for everyone. created a list of nine fun exercises that you can do without gym equipment.

  1. Tai Chi: This gentle exercise is a series of slow, focused movements accompanied by deep breathing. Tai Chi increases muscle strength and improves balance, which is important for reducing your risk of falling. There are free videos online, or you can speak with The Village of Bedford Walk’s Concierge about Tai Chi classes offered in the building.
  2. Qigong: Qigong (chee-gong) is an exercise similar to Tai Chi and is great for improving balance and coordination. You can learn this exercise by watching online videos or try taking a class with Mary Cruise at Columbia’s Heart, Body & Soul Center.
  3. Yoga: Practicing yoga leads to increased flexibility and is perfect for meditation and relaxing. offers free beginner yoga videos, or The Village of Bedford Walk residents can speak with our Concierge about signing up for a class.
  4. Walking: Fitting in 30 to 45 minutes of walking per day can significantly reduce the risk of heart failure in older adults, especially senior women (read more about this study at This is an easy way to increase your physical activity. Grab a friend and walk around the community – you can even walk the long hallways on days with bad weather. The Village of Bedford Walk even has a walking group that meets once a week. Talk to our Concierge for more details and to sign up for the group.
  5. Hula Hoop: You may be surprised how much of a workout this childhood favorite can be, and all you need is an inexpensive hula hoop. Not only is it a fun exercise alternative that gets you moving, it can really strengthen your knees and hips.
  6. Bicycling: Bicycling is a low-impact exercise that has a ton of benefits including building muscle, burning calories and strengthening your immune system, plus getting outside is an easy way to boost your mood.
  7. Workout and Dance Videos: If you want to work out without an audience, all you need is a bit of room in your home and a workout or dance video. Buy a DVD, look up exercise videos online or stream straight from Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  8. Nia: Nia is another low-impact exercise that combines dance and martial arts. There are no classes offered in the Columbia area yet but you can check it out at
  9. Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing: This option is a bit limited in mid-Missouri but if we get a lot of snow this winter, just strap on those skis or just enjoy the fresh snow and you can burn a lot of calories while appreciating the outdoors.

What do you think – would you try any of these exercises or would you stick to the gym?

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Local Artists featured at The Village of Bedford Walk’s Weekly Social Hour

On Friday, September 21, residents from The Village of Bedford Walk gathered in the Piano Lounge for their Friday Night Lights social hour sporting their black and gold for Mizzou. On display in the lounge, were several art pieces from Tigers on the Prowl, an organization that partners artists with sponsors to raise money for local charities.  One of the artists, Kaye Gray-Manolov, was even in attendance at the event.

After Tigers on the Prowl partners artists with sponsors, they raise money for local charities by auctioning off the decorated tiger statues at an annual dinner. This year, the program accepted tiger-themed artwork in different mediums, and two of these pieces were featured at Friday Night Lights.

One of the featured pieces was a wooden tiger head carved by chainsaw from artist, Cheryl Campbell. The other featured piece was a white tiger face created by Kaye Gray-Manolov using recycled materials like dog fur, paint chips, white feathers, rocks and even a petrified banana peel. The residents seemed most impressed by the banana peel and were excited to find out where it was used in the artwork. Kaye answered all of our questions and the residents thanked her with a round of applause.

The Village of Bedford Walk residents and staff loved having the chance to speak with a local artist and feature her artwork!

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The Village of Bedford Walk Sets Sail on Annual Cruise Ship Week

Continuing the annual tradition, The Village of Bedford Walk residents spent a week on a “cruise” through different locations across the world. This year’s Cruise Ship Week ran from July 16 to July 20. Each day of the week was based on a different cruise destination, including Jamaica, Japan, Iceland, London and Milan.

There were many themed activities, events and foods each day to coincide with the day’s destination. Some of the favorite events included yoga on the “beach,” sand art, a Set Sail Party, napkin folding, themed movie nights, knitting lessons, Botanical Gardens trip, afternoon tea, meditation and a Captain’s Dinner.

The residents were so happy that they were able to participate in another Cruise Ship Week!

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