Moving Along

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Anyone who has moved, even once in a lifetime, knows that it is stressful. Trying to turn that process into something more delightful is a way to handle that pressure. The moving process can feel daunting to a loved one downsizing their belongings and leaving behind a previous home. However, you can still take several steps to engage your loved one and even turn the move into a fun project. Integrating social media and art the process can be personalized and more enjoyable. The following ideas allow loved ones or even yourself  to learn an thing or two about social media applications and decorate their new apartment at a senior living community.

Starting a Pintrest Account is a great way to begin collecting ideas. Begin with collecting photos and pinning then. Pintrest is a content-sharing website that allows you to “pin images, videos and other media to a pin board. You can organize these boards based on interests and ideas. Begin by browsing the massive library of images or upload your own. This brainstorming of ideas will help you decided on colors and exact likes and dislikes for bathrooms, dining rooms or any room in the home. These inspiration boards are excellent pre0cursors to shopping for new furniture. They will give you a visual display of the all the items inside that exact room.

Next consider visiting the IKEA website. The efficient European design and affordable prices makes a one stop shop for all the dishware, décor and furniture you will ever need. IKEA HACKS is another place to visit that states, “ is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, as we call it here, may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.”

Moving can be viewed as a fun and interesting time in life. Often older adults find that they can start anew with furniture and design style. For some it is a turn of events that offers a change that is refreshing and liberating. Small moving companies are beginning to crop up all over the country. These businesses   cater specifically to seniors and their specific moving needs. Check the internet to see what is near you. NASMM , National Association of Senior Moving Managers, is an example of a nationwide company that may be an excellent resource.

The road to a new home is often paved with curves and turns, but the feeling of a newly decorated space that represents a new life beginning is the most refreshing and rewarding possibility of all.

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