Les N.

Les Neese


 Bedford Walk Ambassador

“My wife and I arrived at Bedford when we realized it was time to go somewhere that was less maintenance. My favorite part about living here is the fact that I have no responsibilities at all and that, I think, is the greatest thing about it!”

Les Neese’s Story


Les N.

CHAPTER I: Beyond the Call of Duty 00:29

CHAPTER II: New Friends 00:40

CHAPTER III: Maintenance Free Lifestyle 00:32

BONUS: Expanding Your Circle 00:31


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A Little More About Les Neese

Les Neese and his wife Diane moved to The Village of Bedford Walk after living in Hermann for 12 years. The couple helped their daughter run a winery just south of the town but in the past year, Les decided it was time for a change. After searching for a senior community with their daughter, they came across The Village of Bedford Walk. Les and Diane knew that moving to a place with less maintenance, less space and more of a social life would be the best thing for them. Now, six months after transitioning to their new independent living community, Les agrees that they could not be happier.  With no responsibilities and plenty of social activities, the couple is settled in and comfortable in their new home.


Les Neese’s Favorite Activities

Steering Committee member Michael Porter plays The Village of Bedford Walk’s piano during happy hour.

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Beyond the Call of Duty

I think I’ve found the staff to be much more helpful and much nicer than I expected to be which was a very pleasant surprise because since I’ve lived there I feel that they have really been good to us. They seem to go out of their way, bend over backwards almost to see to it that everything’s taken care of for us. And I expected you know to be treated well but I think these people are going above and beyond the call of duty. And that’s one of the things I really appreciate about being there.

Chapter 2: New Friends
It has improved my quality of life from the view point that my wife wasn’t getting around very well anymore. And so we really didn’t have a very good social life anymore not because we didn’t want to, but because it was just difficult for us to do so. And now I find that she is not participating in things very much because she doesn’t feel like it. But by the same token, I can participate in this stuff. I know she’s taken care of with a phone call she can reach the front desk and get help anytime she needs it. So I can go out and enjoy the activities and become social again and meet people and actually really enjoy having the discussions and conversations with people.

Chapter 3: Maintenance Free Lifestyle
My favorite part about living there is probably the fact that I have no responsibilities at all. I don’t have to go out and worry about getting that lawn mowed. I don’t have to get the leaves out of the gutter. I don’t have to call the plumber when something quits. I don’t have to call the electrician and that I think is the greatest thing about it. I can just sit there and look out the window and watch it snow and not have to worry about shoveling it. And all in all that’s what I would say is the greatest thing is the lack of responsibility and everything’s taken care of.

Bonus: Expanding Your Circle
The cocktail hour is definitely something that brings people together. We all gather downstairs and sit there and have our wine and visit and I have noticed as time goes along and as more people move in our circle is enlarging and that’s always good to see with new people coming in and new ideas, new thoughts. As you get older you kind of tend to get in a rut and I think you can get out of this rut a little bit more in visiting with people and learning what they’ve done in their lives and how they feel about these things and so forth and so on.


One community, endless possibilities

You’ll be amazed to discover everything that is included with your stay at The Village of Bedford Walk.

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