The “I’m Okay” System at The Village of Bedford Walk

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As an added amenity, the “I’m Okay” System has been discreetly designed to provide peace of mind without compromising the privacy of residents. Motion sensors are installed in high-traffic areas of the home where daytime activity most commonly occurs. If no movement is detected for a period of three hours between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., a Village of Bedford Walk staff member is notified. A call is placed directly to the resident and if there is no answer, a staff member visits the resident’s home to provide a wellness check.

The Village of Bedford Walk knows emergencies can occur during nighttime hours. As an added precaution, steps have been taken to allow emergency personnel 24-hour access to the property. A key box installed near the entrance to the main building allows firemen, police and EMTs to enter the building and villas after hours without reducing security.

These exclusive safety features set The Village of Bedford Walk apart from other senior living communities by providing minor, yet effective communication tools. For active seniors who do not want their lifestyles to be interrupted, they are unobtrusive, yet enable confidence. For their families and loved ones, they are reminders of the fulfillment found in independent senior living without forfeiting safety.


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