Fun at Grandmas

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond. There’s no place like Grandma’s house because Grandma always has fun and interesting activities planned! Take a moment to read these 3 great ideas we have for you and your grandchildren to try.

Cook an Heirloom Recipe Together Teach your grandchildren to cook or bake a favorite recipe that is special to you. Whether it’s your mother’s strawberry shortcake or your aunt’s blueberry-lemon cobbler, delight in the adventure of creating a family recipe with your grandchildren. While the little kids enjoy stirring, pouring and making a mess, have the older tech-savvy grandchildren supervise or videotape the experience so it can be viewed later when it is time to pass along the tradition.

Learn Something New Have you ever wondered how to build a bird house, design a tie-dye t-shirt, or do a magic trick? Well, make a day of it with your grandkids! Learning something new is fun and the precious memory can be made at Grandma’s house.

Tip: Check out these easy how-to websites for ideas:

  • Well-illustrated, easy-to-follow, step-by-step articles make comprehending new information a snap.
  • This how-to site features videos with printable transcripts and biographical information about the instructors.
  • Get the inside scoop about virtually everything around you.

Bring out the art supplies Unleash your inner artist with your grandkids. Choose a simple medium such as crayons, watercolors, markers, or color pencils and create a master piece. Check out for awesome and fool-proof ideas for kids that they will love. The website includes tutorial videos and easy step-by-step instructions. Purchase frames from an art supply store so you can showcase the masterworks you’ve created.

Grandma’s house will always be their favorite place to be but making the visits extra-special with planned activities will create moments they will never forget.

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