Fashion Forward

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

At what age should you stop wearing red lipstick? When are men too old to change to a slim cut pant? And more importantly, who decides the fashion rules and who enforces them?  Ari Seth Cohen, creator of Advanced Style roams the streets of New York looking for older men and women who are creative and stylish.  This photo depicts this entrepreneurial genius with one such lady.

Living your life to the fullest and sharing your inner creativity is valuable to living an authentic life. Aging does not mean we have to become dull or static. Never feel that you cannot wear a color after a certain age or change what you are comfortable in, simply because you are older than you used to be.  The AARP article, “Dress Your Age? No Way!” says, “the older you get, the more bold and playful you should become in your dress. Do not allow yourself to be inhibited by someone else’s notions of good taste and bad taste. You have paid your dues. You have earned the right to sassy it up!”

Fashion is often a journey and we change our preferences over time. Some generations we strive for sophistication, others a more gypsy look. Other people find the eclectic or flamboyant  style fun. If you are someone looking to revolutionize your tired closet know that it does not happen overnight. Taking baby steps and thinking through which signature flourish you may want to adopt for the coming seasons is a good idea. After all, Johnny Cash had his signature black shirts, Diane Keaton has her bowler hats and Audrey Hepburn revolutionized the classic  ‘little black dress’. All you need is a little something to help spice up your wardrobe and to give it a new twist. It could be a bunch of large bangle bracelets, a new vibrant scarf or, for the gentlemen, a paisley bow tie. Enjoy the journey!

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