What a Concierge Lifestyle Means for You

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The word “Concierge” is likely derived from the Old French word cumcerges, which is related to the Medieval Latin consergius. In the 15th century it was taken by the King Louis XI, who used it to refer to trusted personnel in charge of satisfying all the demands of their guests in the palace. From 1900 on, the concierge role becomes very common in the luxury hotels.

“Concierge” is an English word. We all know what a hotel concierge is, and in the last decades this job has become synonymous to service excellence.

There are thousands of companies that offer concierge services for people with a high social status, high net worth families, celebrities and famous people from everywhere.

Needless to say that nowadays a concierge must have a very good education, have healthy social and emotional skills, good communication skills, poise, be discreet and have sufficient resources to assist and satisfy the needs and wishes of all clients.

In English-speaking countries this job is taking more importance since the late 1970s, when there were only a few who dominated the trade.

Here at The Village of Bedford Walk, our concierge team is prepared to meet your needs, offer enrichment and enhance your daily life. We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn and build strong personal relationships with each and every resident. We live and love to serve.

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