Community of Tigers

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Connecting to the community is vital for any business to thrive. At The Village of Bedford Walk we take our connections with The University of Missouri earnestly. Our unique registered nurse care coordination model through Sinclair Home Care, founded by the Sinclair School of Nursing will begin with a wellness profile for each resident. This will cover the basic health status information, chronic illness conditions, medications, current fitness habits, and personal fitness goals. The residents may develop an individualized activity plans with the help of a registered nurse. These personalized routines are carried out at the Wellness Center and will be revisited every six months.

Staying healthy means stimulating the mind and we believe that the Osher Lifelong Learning Foundation is the best way to accomplish this in Columbia, Missouri. All of the Founders Club Members of The Village of Bedford Walk will receive a free one-year premium membership. Osher provides a stimulating learning experience that enriches the intellectual, social, and cultural lives of people over the age of 50. The courses and lectures take place in a peer environment and there are no tests or grades and no entrance exams or minimum educational background restrictions — the only requirement is a love of learning.

Of course, social interaction is key to successful aging and what better place to socialize than at a sporting event? Some people prefer the pre-game time of tailgating, while others may prefer the actual event. Then there are those who just love all of it.  At The Village of Bedford Walk, we are proud supporters of all the MU sports teams and we encourage our community members to attend and watch our fine students represent our state.

How fortunate we are to live in a city where the community environment is centered on a magnificent University such as the University of Missouri.  Mizzou has many traditions but chief among them is Homecoming. This rich tradition was actually created by the university in 1911 when alumni were welcomed back for a football game against Kansas. Whether you stay at home and watch, join us for a tailgate, or read about it all in the paper, you and all the rest of us at The Village of Bedford Walk are proud to be a part of this community that supports them. Go Tigers!


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