Columbia Changes

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

I hear it all the time,” Columbia is growing!” This seems to be a catch phrase for conversation among locals.  The Village of Bedford Walk agrees with this and we are proud to be a part of this forward movement.  The tapping of hammers and the beeping of trucks entering and exiting is becoming a constant reminder of the construction in progress.

The vertical expanse of the multi-story building is a site to behold and this week the windows are being installed. These are energy efficient, double pane Silver Line by Anderson.

Change is an inevitable part of life. One of my mother’s favorite phrases is, “the only thing that is certain in life is change.”   If you are like many, when you see something new,  like a style or a new product, you desire to  learn more  about it or you  are anxious to try it.  When life stays the same we often become stagnant or bored.  Embracing any kind of change makes you more flexible and adventurous. Change helps us to grow and learn, and to live life unafraid.  Be bold! Be exciting! Consider trying a new restaurant, purchasing a new product or looking for a new home.

The construction at The Village of Bedford Walk represents change for Columbia, Missouri.  It brings with it a new living option, a maintenance free life for those over 55 with an amenity rich lifestyle.  With each piece of wood going up we know that new people will come to live in this great city and become a part of our family. Construction = Change and Change = Progress.

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