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 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Where did the expression “It’s just like riding a bike” come from? And there is so much truth in it! You never forget how to do it. Your muscle memory kicks in and even if you have not been on a bicycle in decades the body just knows what to do. The balance comes back immediately and the legs and brain work as a team. It is such a beautiful thing.

Perhaps you noted the increase in bicyclist about the city of Columbia lately. According to the group People for Bikes  biking rates among people between the ages of 60 and 79 are soaring.  New trips by seniors account for 22 percent of the nation’s growth in adult biking. And because biking among children is actually falling, these seniors’ new trips are equivalent to more than a third of the overall gain in biking. This increase may be attributed to health benefits than to anything else. The site Governing (WTH?? What site??) shows that Columbia, Missouri has the following data:

2011 Bicycle Commuters: 1,124 (+/-412)
2006 Bicycle Commuters: 882 (+/-431)
5-year Change: 242
2011 Bicycle Share of Commuters: 1.97%
2006 Bicycle Share of Commuters: 1.88%

GetAbout Columbia, in partnership with the Public Works Stormwater Utility Education Program, has hosted three sessions of their ‘Cruise the Creeks Bicycle Ride Series’ (Where is the hyperlink to this event). This is a time for cyclist to enjoy a 9-mile educational ride along the MKT and Hinkson Creek Trails. Local tree and cycling enthusiast ride along to identify native trees along with their unique ecological benefits and medicinal uses. Children are encouraged to join in the education and fun. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old Schwinn, grab a friend or a grandchild and hit the trail.

After all, life is like riding a bicycle. “To keep your balance you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein a letter to his son Eduard, 1930.

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