A Few Good Men

 In The Village of Bedford Walk

Few men understand the toil and strain of working in adverse conditions better than Rusty, Matt and Dan. Rain or
shine they work on the property of The Village of Bedford Walk making sure that that where you live matters at least as much as how you live. Rusty Waibel, Project Superintendent says “The most exciting part of my job is seeing the development from start to finish. It is exciting to see the project come out of the ground and turn into a building. I am proud that I am part of a project such as this.” Rusty is a master carpenter by trade and he has always enjoyed constructing large buildings, being responsible for projects, meeting new tradesmen and finishing a project.”

The late, great, Nelson Mandela once said, “ It always seems impossible until it is done.” Construction feels this way to those of us not in the trade. We see trucks and dirt bricks, but the notion of how it all comes together is a story we know nothing about. Great men, like Rusty and Dan understand how that progress is really one brick at a time, one rainy day at a time. Dan Evan, project engineer at The Village of Bedford Walk is 25 years of age. He has been out of school for a short while and says his favorite part of working at this job is, “problem solving every step of the way. It seems like every day we are asked a new question or to resolve a new problem that needs a solution. As a team, we have to quickly analyze the situation and decipher our best possible solution. Overcoming all barriers to these situations and making each customer happy is by far my favorite part of the construction process.”

Nelson Mandela would be pleased to see young men embracing the notion that overcoming obstacles is the way forward.

Columbia is a proud city, with much to offer, but there is room for more innovation, more construction and new ideas. Many of the individuals living in our city, were born or went to school here and never left. Devin Brown, Project Manager says “Building in Columbia really hits home for me.  Living in the Columbia area since 1992 and being a graduate of the University of Missouri, I have a sincere respect for this community and its people. Building someone’s future home requires taking pride in what you do.  I take every project I am involved in to a personal level.  I want the finished product to be something that I would be proud to live in, or show off to anyone of my friends and family.”

Assistant Superintendent, Matt Perry believes that,”  The location of The Village of  Bedford Walk is great because it is close to the University of Missouri, sporting events , golfing and excellent  healthcare facilities.

Each of us wakes up in the morning and faces a new day. When you love what you do for a living the sun shines brighter and your sense of purpose is stronger. Why we all choose the path we take is unique and special to our personal story.

Some people long for power, other for purpose and then there are those that like to create. We are thankful every day for those men and women, who wake up, brave the elements and create our new communities. They are not robots creating pieces and parts but, men and women who care about the product and the outcome. We are proud to have them on our team.

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